1/22 Exhaustion

/Exhausted bodies, exhausted minds, exhausted resources and materials, exhausted knowledge, exhausted patience, exhausted hope, exhausted future narratives and political imaginations./

We invite interested authors to contribute to the next edition of kuckuck on the theme of “exhaustion”.

Exhaustion is a paradigmatic term for our turbulent and demanding times. Ambiguous, antagonistic and ambivalent, “exhaustion” serves as a cultural concept for capturing fundamental conditions and facets of the present, illustrating them and making them tangible in their sometimes paradoxical complexity.

The term itself points to the limits, finiteness and fragility of life, action and living conditions. At the same time, its scope of meaning comprehends “ex-haustion” by creative processes of complex works, starting with lapping all given possibilities. “Creation” implies the experience of and impact by liminal experiences and borderline events that are existentially linked to the capacity for creativity. The story of creation – the creation and depletion of the world – as a narrative of the very beginnings of culture therefore seems closely linked to its end: the consumption of the world, the exhaustion of all life resources.

The interpretation of the theme between the beginning and the finiteness of culture and nature is at the liberty of the transdisciplinary authors and their creative resources. Possible topics include art, ecology, economy, politics, the individual and everyday life.

We would like to open perspectives that consider the differences in the social orders as well as the growing social inequalities in this world, with raised reflectivity, focussed gender-relational views, and awareness of the political dimensions of the term “exhaustion”. They raise questions:

/Who or what defines exhaustion? Who speaks of exhaustion? Who or what is exhausted or perceived as exhausted?/

We are looking forward to receive abstracts, ideas and proposals for scientific and/or artistic contributions (i.e. in the style of a graphic novel) by 15th of September 2021 to the following e-mail addresses:

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The deadline for the articles is the 31st of January 2022.